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A guardian or a servant of hell, the devil, or the underworld. In France in AD 856 a hound and master were said to materialize in a church even though the doors were shut. The church grew dark as the dog padded up and down the aisle as if looking for someone. Both specters then vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. Another story says that they wander the streets of Bayeux on winter nights as a phantom dog and a blue ethereal being, gnawing on bones and dragging chains along with them. In Lower Brittany there are stories of a ghost ship crewed by the souls of criminals with hellhounds set to guard them and inflict on them a thousand tortures.

This is the only acrylic painting in this series.

Three options to order: Original, Limited-Edition canvas print and Giclee print.

This limited-edition oil painting is printed on canvas. Printed canvases will be signed by Kurtzman, numbered and limited to 50.

Blue Demon: Owner of the Hounds of Hell

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