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This wraith dwells in dark, empty spaces (basements, abandoned buildings, attics) until a time when it finds a human it could fuse with. This wraith feeds off of the victim’s energy, consuming it until the person dies, then it moves on to a brand-new host.

Oftentimes, the victims of these parasites never learn that they are being possessed. In fact, they could go about their lives “perfectly” because they would still retain control over their bodies. However, over time, they could develop some demonic abilities. Moreover, much like in the lore of the succubus, mating with a person possessed by a wraith would lead to the birth of a “Blood Child” as some parts of the wraith would attach to the unborn.

Each painting is 18x24.

Each canvas print is limited to 50. Each canvas print will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Upon purchase, shipping will be added to the invoice. As we have a FedEx account, we will get the best price possible!

Death Wraith: a Cacodemon

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