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This artwork represents the original sculpt and application of prosthetics by Robert Kurtzman on Ted Sorel aka Dr. Pretorius under the guidance of Mark Shostrom, special makeup fx supervisor. The makeup represents the distorted version of the doctor after returning, for the second time, From Beyond.

The doctor pioneered use of the Resonator, a device that expands human perceptions of reality via wave manipulation of the pineal gland. Pretorius lost his corporeal form and crossed over into an alternate dimension of amorphous hedonism.


Three options to order: Original, Limited-Edition canvas print and Giclee print.

This limited-edition oil painting is printed on canvas. Printed canvases will be signed by Kurtzman, numbered and limited to 50.

All artwork is 18x24.

From Beyond (1986)/Dr. Edward Pretorius

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