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One of the biggest hotspots within the Triangle is the Hockomock Swamp, which makes up a large portion of the wetlands south of Boston. People have spotted phantom fires, spook lights and heard phantom drums. Some have even reported seeing full-bodied apparitions. This ghost is just one of them but may have the most unusual story. He’s been seen since the early 1800’s and yet wears the clothing of a modern man and is always seen with a handgun. He seems to wait for intruders and walks toward them with a determined, ominous gate. Most people run after a glimpse of him but one such spectator decided to run toward him/it…his friends returned without him saying that he was swallowed up in a dense fog and he was never found again.

Each painting is 18x24.

Each canvas print is limited to 50. Each canvas print will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Upon purchase, shipping will be added to the invoice. As we have a FedEx account, we will get the best price possible!

Hockomock Swamp Zombie: Bridgewater Triangle

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